Aeronavegabilidad Continuada [13 Servicios]



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Aeronavegabilidad Continuada


Continuous Airworthiness Management Service

We offer a complete set of services, from the Continuous Airworthiness Management (CAM) to the management of Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) to comply with the regulatory frameworks of each Aeronautical Authority: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, etc.

We are proud of the precision and detail we apply to our records and management processes, understanding that keeping everything in order, on time, and under the regulations of the local Aeronautical Authority is translated into economic benefits for our customers.


Complete technical administration of the aircraft/s.

Monitoring and review of compliance with airworthiness regulations.

Monitoring and review of Service Bulletins.

Supervision: Damage Assessment, Repair Certification and to ensure that damage reports are up to date.

Supervision: replacement of hard-time components (components with limited life).

Supervision: replacement of serialized components.

Production, development, amendment, control, administration, and implementation of an approved aircraft maintenance program.

Production of reliability reports for each aircraft.

Production, issuance, and management of base maintenance work programs and task cards in accordance with approved maintenance programs.

Management, maintenance, and custody of aircraft technical records.

Scanning and digitalization of technical records.

CAM for aircraft "in storage": storage program monitoring, production, and management of storage work packages.

Complete management of Continuous Airworthiness..

Be Adviced
by Certification Specialists

Our dedicated certification engineers are regulatory experts and have a thorough understanding of the certification standards and guidelines of each country's Aeronautical Authorities. We can speed up certification times designing certification processes with all regulations, experience and knoledge in mind